BCT Scrapbook  
Robert B. Montgomery joined BCT's theatre group in the 1950-1951 season. For 65+ years he has been an
actor, director, production staff, business manager and builder of Bremerton Community Theatre.
He also gave us BCT's history in Scrapbooks. Please enjoy the ever growing memories.
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The Beginning (1944)

Season 1 (1945)

"My Sister Eileen"
"The Milky Way"

Season 2 (1945-1946)

"The Man Who Came to Dinner"
"George Washinton Slept Here"
"Behold This Dreamer"

  Season 3 (1946-1947)

"Three's a Family"
"Night Must Fall"
"Goodbye Again"
"The Dover Road"
"The Night of January 16th"
  Season 4 (1947-1948)

"Room Service"
"Blithe Spirit"
"Outward Bound"
"Three Cornered Moon"
  Season 5 (1948-1949)

"On Stage"
  Season 6 (1949-1950)

"Out of the Frying Pan"
"Boy Meets Girl"
  Season 7 (1950-1951)

"Born Yesterday"
"Two Blind Mice"
  Season 8 (1951-1952)

"Dear Ruth"
"The Male Animal"
"Angel Street"
"State of the Union"
  Season 9 (1952-1953)

"Arsenic and Old Lace"
"An Inspector Calls"
"The Ghost Train"
"The Importance of Being Earnest"
  Season 10 (1953-1954)

"Laburnum Grove"
"Bell, Book and Candle"
"The Silver Cord"
  Season 11 (1954-1955)

"The Cat and the Canary"
"Affairs of State"
"Second Threshold"
"Three Men on a House"
  Season 12 (1955-1956)

"My Three Angels"
"The Petrified Forest"
"The Moon is Blue"
  Season 13 (1956-1957)

"Dark Victory"
"Sabrina Fair"
"Dial 'M' for Murder"
"Light Up the Sky"
  Season 14 (1957-1958)

"Bus Stop"
"Private Lives"
"Come Back Little Sheba"
"Angel Street"
"Three For Tonight"
  Season 15 (1958-1959)

"Lo and Behold"
"The Solid Gold Cadillac"
"The Caine Mutiny Court Martial"
  Season 16 (1959-1960)

"Ladies in Retirement"
"The Glass Menagerie"
  Season 17 (1960-1961)

"The Country Girl"
"A View from the Bridge"
"A Visit to a Small Planet"
  Season 18 (1961-1962)

"See How They Run"
"Present Laughter"
"Inherit the Wind"
"The Girls in 509"
  Season 19 (1962-1963)

"Blithe Spirit"
"A Streetcar Named Desire"
"Caesar and Cleopatra"
"The Rainmaker"
  Season 20 (1963-1964)

"The Mousetrap"
"The Death of a Salesman"
  Season 21 (1964-1965)

"Critic's Choice"
"The Heiress"
"Julius Caesar"
  Season 22 (1965-1966)

"A Majority of One"
"The Hasty Heart"
"Separate Tables"
"The Doctor in Spite of Himself"
  Season 23 (1966-1967)

"The Private Ear and the Public Eye"
"The Little Foxes"
"The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll"
"The Man in the Dog Suit"
  Season 24 (1967-1968)

"Everybody Loves Opal"
"The Crucible"
"The Biggest Thief In Town"
"The Gang's All Here"
  Season 25 (1968-1969)

"Charley's Aunt"
"Royal Gambit"
"Haunted House"
"Of Mice and Men"
"Major Barbara"
  Season 26 (1969-1970)

"Goodbye Charlie"
"The Gioconda Smile"
"Tea and Sympathy"
"Androcles and the Lion"
  Season 27 (1970-1971)

"The Curious Savage"
"Don't Drink the Water"
"The Diary of Anne Frank"
"The Great Sabastians"
  Season 28 (1971-1972)

"Mary, Mary"
"Wait Until Dark"
"Dr. Cook's Garden"
  Season 29 (1972-1973)

"Never Too Late"
"A Man for All Seasons"
"The Children's Hour"
  Season 30 (1973-1974)

"The Fourposter"
"Ten Little Indians"
"A Hatful of Rain"
"You Can't Take It With You"
  Season 31 (1974-1975)

"A Thousand Clowns"
"Home is the Hunter"
"The Miracle Worker"
"You Never Can Tell"
  Season 32 (1975-1976)

"The Front Page"
"An Enemy of the People"
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
"The Patriots"
  Season 33 (1976-1977)

"My Sister Eileen"
"Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Opera"
"Night of the Iguana"
"The Lion in Winter"
  Season 34 (1977-1978)

"Barfoot in the Park"
"Arsenic and Old Lace"
"A Streetcar Named Desire"
"Brecht on Brecht"
  Season 35 (1978-1979)

"Forty Carats"
"Toys in the Attic"
"Witness for the Prosecution"
"The Rape of the Belt"
"Amahl and the Night Visitors"
The Diary of Adam and Eve"
  Season 36 (1979-1980)

"Lo and Behold"
"The Rainmaker"
"The Visit"
"Vaudeville III"
"The Good Doctor"
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